PDF mark report file upload

Here is where you can update the website with farm-fresh data from PowerTeacher Pro in the form of a PDF file.

To generate the report:

  1. Choose Reports
  2. Individual Student Report
  3. Check your Criteria settings:
    1. Report Title: Individual Student Report
    2. Classes: I recommend one class at a time
    3. Use Custom Class Name: OFF
    4. Include Students' Full Schedule: OFF
    5. Separate Report By Section, By Student: OFF
    6. Layout: By Section, By Student
    7. Students: Last Name
    8. Assignments: By Category, Due Date (oldest first)
    9. Areas to Include: Course Grades and Attendance, Assignments, Category Totals
    10. Show Percentages: ON
    11. Show Assignments with no Data: ON
    12. Include Student Number with Student Name: ON
    13. Outcomes/Final Course Grades: Select All
    14. Assignment Date Range: Full Class
    15. Category Totals: Select All
    16. Assignment Attributes: Any Assignment
    17. Assignment Scores: Any Scores
    18. Assignment Categories: Any Category
    19. Course Grades: Any Course Grades
  4. Check your Format settings:
    1. Orientation: Portrait
    2. Output: PDF
    3. Page Break: ON Between Students
    4. Exclude Row Shading: OFF
    5. Top Note: EMPTY
    6. Bottom Note: EMPTY
    7. Signature Line: OFF Include

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